3 Failures of The Bowl

I am not a buddhist. But I have many friends that are. That makes me close to the buddhist world. I am attracted by wisdom regardless the form in which it is delivered, or the place of provenience. And one can find a lot of wisdom in the buddhist world. …



About me

poza-andu-siteHello, everybody! My name is Sandu (romanian short for Alexander) but everybody knew me as Andu. As a formation I am a physical therapist and I am most active in the field of prevention. As an attitude I am an enthusiast of balance and I believe that if we focus a little bit on the things that unite us and not on those that divide, the world will be a better place. I started my researches as a teenager, with the oriental ways of improving the human life. I combined them with the scientific knowledge I get from the later studies, that allow me to complete the picture adding the western approach. The result of this mixture is a system that combined the wisdom of the old masters with the scientific knowledge of the new ones. I tried, as much as possible, to rearrange, comment and explain some of the issues. I polished others and even invented new ones. After some years of practice a few friends become interested on the results I get and start working with me. The experience was incredible and make the system even stonger. Now I'm slowly approaching fifty I think it is time to share our knowledge with the whole world. Thats why I choose to open this virtual workshop and speak openly about what we have to offer. We hope that you will enjoy our visions and you will have a great life!