3 Esecuri ale Vasului

Nu sunt buddhist. Dar multi dintre prietenii mei sunt. Ceea ce ma apropie de lumea buddhista. Sunt atras de intelepciune, indiferent de forma in care este livrata, ori de locul de provenienta. Iar in lumea buddhista se gaseste multa intelepciune. Intr-una dintre vestitele lor carti – Lam Rim Chen Mo …



About me

poza-andu-siteHello, everybody! My name is Sandu (romanian short for Alexander) but everybody knew me as Andu. As a formation I am a physical therapist and I am most active in the field of prevention. As an attitude I am an enthusiast of balance and I believe that if we focus a little bit on the things that unite us and not on those that divide, the world will be a better place. I started my researches as a teenager, with the oriental ways of improving the human life. I combined them with the scientific knowledge I get from the later studies, that allow me to complete the picture adding the western approach. The result of this mixture is a system that combined the wisdom of the old masters with the scientific knowledge of the new ones. I tried, as much as possible, to rearrange, comment and explain some of the issues. I polished others and even invented new ones. After some years of practice a few friends become interested on the results I get and start working with me. The experience was incredible and make the system even stonger. Now I'm slowly approaching fifty I think it is time to share our knowledge with the whole world. Thats why I choose to open this virtual workshop and speak openly about what we have to offer. We hope that you will enjoy our visions and you will have a great life!