The Grand Opening

After a few timid attempts it seems that Spring has finally came. Clothes are lighter, smiles are incresed in number, as well as the number or people in the street. A lot of projects that were put on hold during winter period are now back on the schedule. Acompanied by the warm weather outside, the Cycle of Growing begins with the Grand Opening – the transition from Winter to Spring.

Deep inside the Being we found similar processes. The cells that worked under the stressful conditions of winter are now increasing their capacity once more. The speed of the work increase, as well as the number of tasks. This results in producing a lot more garbage that have to be recycled. And because one of the major players in the field of dealing with catabolism products is the Liver, it will have a hard time during the three months of spring. In the first month it will have the power to handle the situation by itself, but as soon as we enter April it needs assistance from the other organs, especialy from the off-season team – Spleen, Pancreas and Stomach.

We can help their efforts by choosing a lifestyle that fits harmoniously with this time of the year.

First of all we can adjust the consistency of our meals – we don’t need as much calories as in winter, so we can take lighter meals. Greens start to emerge everywhere, so we can include them in our daily diet.

We can wake up early in the morning, to enjoy the magnificent power of Spring and choose a quiet place where we can perform different exercises and techniques. It is better to choose those exercises that are specially designed to help the organs that work harder, but if we don’t know any of them, any exercise in good – as long as it is done according to our specific power, age or state of health.

In fact, all our way of living must be in agreement with the Way of The Spring – The Way of Nourish Life. The Classic of The Yellow Emperor, Nei Jing advise us to that in the Spring period is better to:

“Give life and do not kill.
Give and do not take.
Reward and do not punish.”

If we act like this we help the Liver to perform its duties, otherwise the Liver will be harmed.

Spring is a powerful season – the beginning of a new yearly cicle and if we choose carefully the beginning, all the year will be abundant.

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