A Precious Ally

Regardless of the season we are going through, in addition to the exercises we practice, the food that we choose accordingly and the adjustment of our lifestyle, we have an ally that we tend to underestimate – the massage therapy.

Because of the bad press from the last few hundreds of years, massage therapy was – and still is – used less than normal. There are multiple causes, and we can list some of them, in no particular order – social conformism, emotional imbalance, the ascension of the individualism and competition, and probably fear, ever-present in today life.

But those who had the power to overcome all these and the luck to find a specialist know that massage therapy has a privileged place amongst the methods of preserving health.

Applied correctly, massage therapy has the power to adjust all the aspects of the being – from the gross aspects (all kinds of muscular contractures, water retention in the tissues, weak or tired muscles, etc) to the subtle ones (redistribution of the energetic resources, help for the organs in their daily activity or assistance in the execution of complex metabolic processes – ex.temperature or weight control).

The therapy can be customized even more, so it fits one person, one particular moment of the day or of the year.

For example, in the spring time, we take into account the liver, its energetic pathways – as well as the patways of kidney and heart, too – and its reflex surfaces, especially those located on the feet and palms. The associan and correct dosage of the maneuvers belonging to western massage (focused on immediate results and targeting in the first place the physical aspect of being) and the eastern one (which mainly aims later energetical results), can lead to amazing results.

We have to remember you that all the maneuvers will be let to proffesionals, otherwise the resuls can vary a lot, and in some cases they could be dangerous. The directly massage of an organ can unleash the range of emotions linked to it – in case of the liver we can confront with nervousness, irritation, anger or fury.

The most accurate indicator is the state after the session – relaxation and energizing are the two aspects that must be present. When they are not missing we know that the therapy was a success and the help that was offered was recepted properly.

– Excerpt from the book on Harmony in progress

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