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First Secret of Summer

_MG_2635-3Sun. Holiday. Well deserved rest.                                                                                                                                            Maximum of energy, minimal stress.

What else is there to add? The summer comes with a handful of gifts, we just have to be careful how we receive them. The sun that makes us feel so well can change camps, in certain circumstances. It’s warmth makes one of our main organs to break it’s optimum parameters. It’s the Heart, the organ that moves uninterrupted even before we are born. Friction produces heat, as we know from the physics classes, and in this case it produces so much heat that there are needed two cooling systems : an energetic one, where the Pericardium plays the lead role, an a physique one, represented by the Lungs.

As you have already guessed, the first secret of the summer is Heart Protection. It can be done on a harsh way – avoiding sun exposures on it’s maximum activity periods, adjusting the diet, including specific exercises – or more subtle (enhancing the time spent with the external contemplation or balancing the emotional activity). Each and every of these are welcomed all over the year, but in the summer time they have a stronger impact, because the Heart needs help to cope with the External Heat.

“Contemplation” is the term we used for what is usually known as meditation. Why we chose to call it this way and not as everybody calls it, you will discover in the book about harmony which we hope will issue this year 🙂

“External Contemplation” means that we stay calm and keep the attention on an exterior object. This thing makes the energy to try to reach that object, which partially even happens, carrying with it the excess of yang that we want to loose.

There’s an exercise to regulate the activity of The Second Force Center, and implicit of The Heart.Stay tall, hands hanging loose besides the body. Make your fists, paying attention that the thumb is covered by the other fingers. This is called The Yin Fist, and it is used especially by the paths of health cultivation – because the thumb is caught inside the force of our punch never gets to be harmful.

So, clench your Yin Fists and hit the sternum alternating the fists. Since we are fascinated by digit three we like to exercise three rounds of three punches with each hand, making a short break between rounds. You can use any number you like. You just have to bear in mind to punch in a rhythm, not too hard, do not exaggerate the number of punches and let the being to rest between rounds.

This is The Fire Drum. It helps to regulate the cardiac rhythm and the emotional balance, such as to awaken the thymus.

You are free to share this secret to whoever you like.

Have the best of your summer!

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