No more burnouts


What if we could live in a world without burnouts?

As a matter of fact, we started to experience this kind of chronic fatigue only in the last decades, as a result of constant pressure we put on our way of living. And a few years ago we have started hearing about dying from this condition. In spite of all the efforts, burnout seems that it’s here to stay.

What can we do?

It’s a long way from the traditional way of work, in which you “swim with the flow of nature” (i.e. speed up in the summer, rest in the winter, and so on) and the modern way of doing business, with its 24/7 online model. We cannot rollback society, we cannot decrease complexity of modern life, we have no control on the outer environment.

Seems that everything is already set up and we can only adapt to it and try to keep the pace as long as we can. Well, we can do more than this.

We know from the traditional chinese medicine that anytime we use an organ or exercise a part of the body, an extra amount of energy is released at that level. Brain follows the same rule. Use it around the clock, and sooner or latter you will have a problem. To be plugged all the time comes with some benefits, but on the long term this is always the loosing strategy.

Some people take from time to time long vacations, sabatic years or change their jobs, in order to handle the things. What happens with the rest of us, who cannot follow this trend? Well, we also have some aces in the sleeve.

First of all we can track our levels of energy during a day, a week, month or year. And as soon as we find them exceeding some levels – take action.  We can season our days and take breaks from time to time.  Completely unplug our brains with short meditation sessions.
Or start learning how we can conserve the energy we have and what we should do to increase its levels. With proper guidance and a little effort we can overcome this condition.

All we have to do as a start is to realize the importance of it and make a little room in our busy schedules.

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