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The Autumn of Our Lung

Today’s topic is on the power of Autumn. Every season has its own characteristics that made it unique. Even if it puts some pressure on the corresponding organs, out of it spawns the beauty of life. Every season has unique features and each of them can be great opportunity for us to develop  ourselves.

Autumn is a season that can help us on the path of achieving better versions of ourselves.  Its main feature is called Harvesting and it has the power of breaking attachments, the power of letting go.

As in external world what is useful is gathered in the barn and what is not useful goes back into the earth, in the internal world there is the same tendency. The multitude of projects which we develop tirelessly, is now the subject of the autumn examination.  The generous highway of summer transforms itself into a ordinary road and the traffic must be reduced accordingly, in order not to deplete the internal resources.

The main organ in charge with the separation of useful from useless is the Large Intestine, so that it will play an important role in this period. It has an important partner, the Lung, who has the power to capture the heaven’s energy,  essential for our surviving. This kind of energy is very difficult to store internally, and for that reason, the lung pump must function without stopping, our whole life.

As soon as Autumn comes, the air temperature decreases, sometimes in a very abrupt manner, and the lung is the first organ who faces the change. For this reason, the stress on it increases on this period, and it will start claiming more resources from the body in order to function properly.  Usually it can handle pretty well the situation, but a little bit of extra help from us is most welcomed.

We can do, for instance, meditations that improve the power of the will and help the Harvesting.
Breathing exercises are also very good in autumn, because they smooth the breathing process and help the Lung to perform its daily duties.
And, of course, there are specific exercises and techniques whose targets are the Lung or the Large Interstine. Those can be found in every major school of health improvement, as well as the main spiritual ways.

As you can see, Autumn is a very important part of the year, and by understanding its powers and adapting to them, we can claim a beautiful and interesting life.

We wish you a nice and powerful autumn!

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