Tong Tao

Discover TongTao (The Way of Harmony)

TongTao is a modern approach to the ancient Taoist philosophical way, as it was preached and practiced for 3,000 years. Following changes especially in the last hundred years the original message was spread all over the world, but many times it has been simplified, distorted or misunderstood.

We propose a careful analysis of ancient principles, extracting the necessary teaching and guidance on the optimal path. TongTao is therefore a philosophy of life that can afford to say that man can and must live harmoniously.

If the first statement is hope for those who do not believe that such a thing is possible the second is a strict recommendation. We think that reaching harmony is the best wayto follow. In its absence the tensions that arise may lead to unexpected results, often disastrous – history is full of such examples.

We believe that the time has come to become responsible and really start living harmoniously.

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