The main idea of the Way of Harmony is the concept of Tong. It can be translated as “Togetherness” or “Harmony”

Every process or system of Reality are connected to each other and the interactions between them tend to balance.  Most of them are beyond our control and we can just embrace, reject or adapt to them. But there are enough of these processes and systems that we can influence, and as a matter of fact, we do this all the time. The problem with these influences is that we can disturb the natural flow of the things.

For instance, we have discovered electricity and start using it, transforming society in such a way that was unimaginable before it. We can illuminate our homes and cities, we can transform night into day. And for that reason we can use the night time as it is daytime – we can work, party, do everything we want. When this happens once in a blue moon there is no major problem – our bodies can adjust itselves. But if we turn this into a habit, well, this is another story. The chronic disturbanve of the daily cycle brings nothing good. This kind of distance from the natural way of living makes the internal resources to be driven away at a high rate.

Lets think a little bit of our way of living without paying too much attention to the signals of the body. It is understood that we have to make some efforts to build and maintain the society as it is now, but if we are more and more disturbed internally, what good is to have an external environment more and more sophisticated?

Tong is the process in which we actively take notice of whatever happens inside or outside us and don’t let it disturb our balance. Better said, every time when we perceive that something is too much, too heavy or the imbalance lasted too long, we take measures to solve the problem.

We can cool down the agitation of mind with techniques special designed for it. We can remove the numbness of the body that loses its tonus as a result of the absence of movement. We can notice the constant turmoil of our feelings and start to tame them. Because we know from the ancient masters that the brownian movement of feelings depletes our energy and affects our functionality.

Tong represents the our constant effort to reposition the being on the way to balance. It uses stress as a precious ally who spot the changes and present the opportunities to us. The danger is driven away by knowledge of what to to and by applied it into practice. There is an old saying : “Learning makes you wise. practice makes you perfect”.

Even if we walk slowly, we will get the results. The main idea is to move. And every time we move towards balance we call this process Tong.

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