poza-andu-siteHello, everybody!

My name is Sandu (romanian short for Alexander), everybody knows me as Andu, and I am an enthusiast of Harmony.
I have a background in physical therapy and I work in the field of prevention.
I consider balance to be important. I strongly believe that if we focused a little bit on the things that unite us instead of those that divide, the world would be a better place.

I started my research as a teenager, walking the oriental paths of cultivating health. I went on, adding pure science extracted from latter studies.  The result was a system that combines the wisdom of the old masters with the scientific knowledge of the new ones.
I rearranged, commented and explained many of the old ideas, techniques and approaches and I invented new ones.
After many years of practice –  alone, in the beginning, and after that in a close circle – now, when I’m slowly approaching fifty I think it is time to share my path with the whole world.
That’s why I opened this virtual workshop and why I openly speak about a beautiful dream that becomes more and more real.

I really hope that what you will find here will help you with your journey through life!

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